About Down the Draw



I was 15 when my grandfather first took me hunting. After hours of walking, we returned to the truck empty handed.  Just a week later, my neighbor was generous enough to take me out for another go.  By daybreak we were on the top of the ridge.  We moved along, glassing as we went and finally, we made the decision to go Down the Draw.  There we were, just a few hours in, I shot my very first deer.  A “monster” two-point muley. Not a trophy by any means but from that moment on I was hooked. Even now, after several years, every time I think about that day I get just as excited.  That is what it’s all about.

My love for the outdoors started before I can remember. Hiking, camping, riding dirt bikes or four wheelers, backpacking, fishing, anything that would get me into the woods. When I was 16, I stood on the top of a southeastern Idaho ridgeline holding my trusty 30-06 and peered down into the mess of trees and brush. That's when I finally realized what I loved about it so much, the mystery. 


For generations, man has taken to the outdoors in search of game. Not always because they needed to but because of something deeper.  Connection.  Connection with others, connection with nature, connection with oneself.  The reasons run deep.  You never know what you are going to find Down the Draw.

The uncertainty of what great things we will discover drives millions of us into the untamed wilderness every weekend, hunting season, and day off. Down the Draw is founded on that excitement and anticipation of getting lost in God's great backyard and finding the mysteries that hide in every river or lake, around every curve in the trail, behind every tree, and Down every Draw.

Down the Draw isn’t just a logo or a clothing line, it’s a reminder, it’s a feeling and it’s a hope.  It’s a reminder of why we do it. To get closer to nature and to others.  It brings us back to the feeling of when things went right.  When you shot that trophy bull or your first buck.  It’s a hope, because we all know where we really want to be, right? We’ll meet you there, Down the Draw.

-Eric Buyers, Founder